Was gonna upgrade radio equipment for helicopters but…

Was going to upgrade radio equipment on my helicopters which would have cost a bit much.
So decided against it I have adecent radio now that is fully programmable and can be used on all 3 of my helicopters.
And went with buying a new HDTV Set.
Couldn’t resist the price tag!!
Went to Sams and they had only 2 left the Philips 52" LCD 1080P HDTV set. Nomally the price of the Philips TV set is $2,360 and I got it for much much less.
Really wanted to avoid a plasma by all posssible means and almost went there because they are much cheaper than thier LCD or LED counter parts.
A 47" LCD was going for around $900-$1200 While the 50"-52" Plasmas were at that same price range and sometimes cheaper by a few hundred dollars.
The down side was these TV’s were a max of 720P. 1366×900 or something like that.
Also should have mentioned that I wanted to stay away from any Sanyo products I have a 26 inch one I repaired and the quality of these TV’s are sub-par to other LCD HDTV sets or back lit LCD HDTV for that matter. I have a 53" Panasonic looks better than my Sanyo LCD HDTV.
Also took notice that the Sanyo TV’s get burn in very very easily this is problematic and requires constant monitoring of any still images including the channel banners that most broadcast networks keep on the corner of the shows that are on.
We all watch TNT and my Sanyo LCD ended up getting the round TNT image burned into the screen. The guide brighthouse uses is surely to cause terrible 4×3 image burns in your nice new 16×9 TV.
After testing my new LCDTV I notioced this is not the case it does not get burn in like my Sanyo does. 
The TV I had in my living room is a LCD projection and was getting old going on it’s 7th year. Not bad still going strong 53" 1080i no 720P option at all.
And getting a 47" LCD was just a super down grade in size after owning 52" tvs for the last 10-12 years it’s hard going back down in size because everything seems to small to see unless your right on top of it like a PC monitor.
Finding the Philips 52" HDLCD TV for $940 was just to hard to pass and also grabbed a 2 year warranty for $56 so for under $1000
 got the 52" LCD 1080P 120Hz tv that is just awesome… the picture quality is just sick watching Inglorius Basterds at 1080p and 5.1 DTS HD sound is just unbeleiveable.
Grabbed the new Star Trek Blueray gotta see that shit next!!!
Lucky we got there early like we did becuase there were only 2 left in the box and someone already grabbed the first box as I walked up to the display.
I couldn’t be happier
Except buying a stand what a joke I did not want a wall mount wanted a regular stand and at sears the cheapest was $179 went to Biglots forund a stand for $60 supposed to hold up to 250lbs and it broke with 10lbs.
Fianlly went to Walmart found a decent one for $119 but still ridiculous for a TV stand. 
What’s nuts is some stands were in the $400 price range I think not $400 for 6 pieces of metal a few bolts and screws with 2 thin plates of glass they must think people are retarded.
Here’s my dope ass HTLR

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