Mass Effect 2 !!!!!

Okay, I have had the opportunity to play the new Mass Effect 2 game on the PC..That’s right not the dulled down 360 but the PC!:)
If you have not played ME 1 then I suggest get to it you can import your leveled up character from Mass Effect 1 to Mass Effect 2.  I so wish I kept ME 1 installed or left my save games intact on my PC.
First the game play is great and fun as hell the leveling up is a bit different from 1 but works fine on the new system they have intact.
Graphically in my opinion the U3 engine has not looked better that’s right Gears 2 ain’t shit!
It’s no Crysis but it sure is purty:)
If you do not have Mass Effect 1 go ahead and download Steam and get it for $19.99 it’s worth the purchase I paid full price for it and do not regret doing so it’s a fantastic game that integrates leveling up,shooter and a good story and best of all it takes place in space with all kinds of planets to explore and alien species to meet.
You decide if your a paragon or a renegade.
Release date 01/26/10
In game screen

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