Friends ,Beer & Politics mix?!

Before reading keep in mind the Cash flow listed is not an exact or even the truth but are there to make a point and honestly these #’s have been spent on so called campaign budgets..pretty scarry.
Went to a buds house for MLK day …yep were all white 🙂
The arguments or discussion regarding why to vote or caring for other nations to drug laws in the USA.
First lets take a look at history it shows that the US people were much more innocent before WWI and today we’re much more ignorant or maybe just happy putting on blind folds?..ignorance is bliss an american past time.
Before/during WW1 The USA were isolationist and we were asked to help in the WW1 Conflict Wilson declined.. when dud bombs that were dropped and failed to detonate were called Wilsons because they were upset the US would not interfere. Before the US ego of our Gov  THINKING were the world police. Everyone should think and live like us…scratch my head sound familiar??..Hitler.
Another example our vote counts:? Does it..really? DO you think any president or state elected official from Independant to Republican or democrat really implements what the people want? or need for that matter. I’d say no they implement what works best for thier pockets or next election. Flash back G.Bush Jr. vs Gore, George Bush decided to go ahead and pardon all non violent felons giving the right to vote again ..take note no other rights were re-established like the right to work a government job or to carry a gun like our constitution says we can. Yep they couldn’t even tally votes right HUH?! Or did good ole Jeb help big bro out?
Nope he only wanted votes this is what I call a gain move… it benefits the big wigs that need votes on election day. 
During this conversation I was told only dumb fucks did not vote??!! But I can’t help but to think the opposite the ignorant that vote and think they help or actually believe that if all people stopped voting a president wouldn’t be elected anyhow. The truth is voters are our issue they believe in the BS and beleive they are making a difference boy that’s what they want you to think the false feeling of change or participation and not one elected official does anything they talk or help anyone but thier fellow congressman or thier campaign funding ass kissing they do inbetween election day. Most americans are so caught up in the BS they truly beleive were free. The best way to control a nation is to throw them scraps and claim freedom while they control every aspect of our lives including being numbered for thier tax collections. Our politicians are illusionists and many of the lamb follow willingly and obediently…the VOTER. The voters are the ones that keep this sad cycle we call America today shame all of them.
So when I hear every vote counts it makes me sick so we can vote for the next self serving politician that has his own agenda at hand not whats best for the people of the USA.
Sure Haiti was a nightmare but who gives a fuck ..fuck them where is the money for our fellow americans that are homeless on the streets from this shit economy…That’s right they bailed out the banks which highered long time members interest or cut thier credit completely and Obama /Gov/senate now has stranglehold on who’s handling the bank our government can fire a bank exec if they deem fit is this the Free US dream we were told about or do they throw thier lies for the fools to hope for this change? "The Obama Change " You know the one "Change" What change name anything! LOL .So the senate/ house has gladly shifted funds to wasted campaign to fight drugs or to open a new shit section with a budget of 1.2 billion dollars.
It’s all about budgets who gets them and how much.
Not one of the largely budgeted campaigns help any americans they feed the propoganda it’s thier cause but later down the road it’s unheard of like the failing drug war the 1+trillion dollar drug was that was lost because our gov used that to help shift these products into the US.
Today United states is over run by meth homes and these numbers are growing daily. Over in Amsterdam they have no clue what that is! Why?? Because only America criminalizes drug use and uses that to make false wars and gain large budgets to fill the system with non -violent drug users not murderers or dealers but drug users..Pretty sad if you ask me.
Our system is broken My great grandfather fought in WW1 my Grand father in WWII,Father in Nam,Brother after the rag head started bombing our boats and stuff in the 90’s.
I’m saddened that my distain for this country has grown but I think if our four-fathers looked at this today they would turn in thier graves.
Americans have become self absorded and think in thier Hitler type mentality that we can change those that don’t want it.
History shows every great nation falls lets hope when we do we get it right the 2nd time. Maybe a good smack in our faces is needed. I’m not talking about terrorists but a truly in your face challenge that knocks reality into these american people and our hitler minded government. 

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