No PS3 Anywhere!

Went looking to buy a PS3 last night.
First hit Gamestop not 1 in stock unless we went to Jacksonville or somewhere like that.
Then off to Target again not any in stock Best Buy same story all out and yet again next door Sears nothing…Who said the Sony PS3 wasn’t selling well? Or maybe they don’t and never bothered to restock and it ended up selling well on the holidays?
Walmart NPR,PR,Hudson,Spring Hill not one instock Kmart Husdon no go there:(
Finally call Kmart New Port Richey and they have them and not the small ones like we wanted but the full size version 160gb hard drive.
Beggars can’t be choosers and it came with Uncharted Drakes Fortune whats funny decided to buy it at Gamestop when we were there figured Target or Bestbuy would have one.
Ended up with 2 Uncharted games luckily Jenn called Gamestop and they agreed to take the game back it was a used version anyhow so no big deal.
Was happy to find it fully supports DTS Surround Sound in game something I wish the 360 supported they support Dolby Digital SS but true surround is DTS you can hear the difference it’s night & day. Playing Killzone 2 in DTS loudly is a great experience the sound I found more amazing than the game it self. PS3 found my Computer movies right away not as nice as the Xbox360 media center but it works none the less. If you have Pulp Fiction and a sound system that supports DTS it’s a whole new movie a must own.
And Uncharted is a pretty cool game I played all the way to chapter 4 may even try playing all the way through:)
The main reason for the Playstation 3 purchase is because to get a nice Blueray player that has wireless and netflix built in came to $300 or more.
I was looking for specific things like Divx support as well and the PS3 was the only BR player that supported all the things I wanted and was in the same price range but you get to play games with it as well just made sense to me and so the desicion on the PS3 was made. If I was going to get a BR player it had to support certain functions…Just wish the smaller version was in the cards but it was not:(
And Here it is my $58 and change 450 size RC helicopter it’s not quite flyable yet but electronics,Gyro & motor are installed.
This weather just stinks I have no urge to go outside to tune the helicopter maybe later this week…BUUuuRRrr to chilly with that wind chopping through me like a razor. Feels like that anyhow. 
It has very little metal on it and can tell the frame is not like my other 450 it’s much more thin and one good crash will require it to be broke down taken apart and straightened out this is my opinion not fact could handle impact well who knows..But I won’t expect much since I paid $35 for the frame kit.
But I will get this helicopter flying nicely this is for sure.

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