I just can’t stop!

One of the guys on the forums posted this thought it fit the heli addiction:LOL

Update: Ordered the EXI Plastic 450 on Dec 23rd and today the 4th of January it shows up only took 10 days fucking holdidays suck ass!

Wanted to build the cheapest 450 and managed to spend $81.58 for the build that’s cheaper than buying a RTF Fixed Pitch!

Of course I did already have parts to complete the build so in all reality if I added the worth of the parts I already had would be more like $200. But still a decent FP with upgrades would be about $200 but why upgrade a FP when you can be in a Collective bird for the same price range.


Update: on the Plane from Radio Shack I purchased for $20. It was tested outside in light wind and all new batteries went over the manual and tried the 2 different types of launches ground to air or hand launch. Well tried both only to have it nose dive right to the ground. Did not bother to edit or upload the video it just wasn’t even worth a watch. A straight caution do not purchase any off brand RC helicopters or Airplanes the only cheapo working RC air machines made are from AirHogs.

The Airhogs are not as cheap as $20 but there’s a reason it’s beacuse the Airhogs products atleast do fly. Even the Helicopters if trimmed correctly they will fly and fly well I had one and I could chase the cat around with it inside after getting it trimmed and learning to control it.

I do want to fly a plane at some point already have my eye on a possible RTF beginner plane. Gotta see how funds are and after I upgrade my radio & servos next month I will then debate on the plane I have been looking at. The Exceed piper Cub J-3 has dropped in price but still will hold off untill radio & servos are upgraded:)


Airhog Okay—-Air/Rage Junk!



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