The Blue Lipo 11.1v 3s 2200mah test

The wife ran me to the LHS before they closed made it there 10  minutes before they closed..close call!
Went ahead and soldered on the Deans "T" connector last night and gave it a test in my Trex/EXI hybrid 450 this morning.
Normally I use 2200mah 11.1v 30c discharge rate but the Blue Lipo is only 25c discharge rate.
It is quite a performer lasted a 9 minute flight "Non agressive flying" and did not fall below the danger mark on the battery that’s very good indeed…sure I could of maybe squeezed a few more minutes but I wouldn’t chance damaging the pack for that.
There’s newer batteries out how technology grows and fast!!! The new ThunderPower 11.1V 45c- 90c burst rate these run in the $50 range I will be getting one to give a test.
Love that 90c burst rate fantastic!!!!!!!
Anyhow the new Blue Lipo 25c that I just snapped up runs for 11.95 and will be a perfect fit for my 450 plastic build I’ll be using a 400 Alpha motor w/11t pinion and 30A ESC. It should be a great beater and get my maunuvering skills much more precise without the shaky hands if I can’t get past the shaking hands I can’t chance it with my Hybrid to much $$ sunk into that to chance it.
The key to strong,precise flying is a steady hand and clear head if your shaking and not confident it’s gonna cost ya.
Pretty insane a pack of Deans "T" connectors 1-male & 1-Female costs $4 you should get 10 for that price gonna have to find an online place to get these for now. The LHS is only good for when you need parts on the fly and can’t wait 3-4 days for delivery.

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