Part & tools

Grabbed a 11.1v- 2200 mah 3S_ 25c lipo battery pack for $16.95 @ none other than not including the very affordable shipping of $4.95. (3-5 day shipping) Fantastic just arrived via USPS today:)..very happy.
Not all lipo batteries come with those ends which means I can find the extender or just solder on the female Deans connector end. Just happy the charger plug is there because one thing you don’t want is a Lipo not having a storage charge to hold it over without that the battery goes bad.
Orderd the 450 and a few other needs on the 23rd of December stated the frame will arrive on January 4th 2010:(
That’s 6 days total I excluded xmas $ weekend but tracking shows that its been in Jacksonville since yesterday at 5:39AM and still sits there todays the 30th.
I see no reason it should have not been here today or tomorrow at the latest…we’ll see but I don’t think tomorrow is even a slight possibility why work hard when the set date is the 4th,
UPS sucks I hate dealing with them FedEx cool, USPS just awesome they deliver quick and at a quarter of the cost that the other 2 charge.
Also ordered a new blade balancer a must for any precise flying or 3d manuevering.
The cost of these varied from 19.99-$29.99
XHeli had a sale running yesterdy for a blade balancing tool for  $7! Awesome after shipping only paid $11.95.
It’s a beaut! aND i have come to love EXI parts right next to Align parts. Although this is a tool not a part:LOL
Full metal not the plastic crapola tool…If there is a plastic one?? i’m sure there is somewhere just not in my tool box:)
It’s funny I was digging through my spares hoping to find a deans connector to do the battery only to find every other type of connector even a micro deans. but could not find even 1 Dens "T" plug go figure!

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