Wii Golf and my lame video editing skills

Little Sal’s Mad Driving SkillZ!
Went ahead and recorded my son and his mad skillz driving his RC truck.
Also took a shot at some video editing while I was at it..I suck but the music fits the video so atleast 1 thing came out right.
Check it out on my channel http://www.youtube.com/user/safesinger also have a lil blurb regarding some info on the truck and what batt I am using at that time.
Bottom of this blog post I added the video for viewing.
Make fun I know my video editing skills suck maybe if I keep at it i’ll get better later on down the road.
pimping my channel out:)
Just in case you missed my channel here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/user/safesinger
Nintendo Wii & Wii Sports Golf
Been playing the hell out of the Wii I love Golf it is fun and once you use the Wii’s motion control with the club accessory you’ll never bother playing a Golf video game again unless it’s on the Wii.
Thought I would never bother with it kinda like the 360 figured i’d buy it the kids will like it and i’m happy.
Turns out I like playing the Wii alot as a matter a fact i’ve had the 360 for about 3 years and the Wii for 1 month and i’ve probably already put more time on the Wii.
Don’t let the graphics fool you it’s just plain fun it may not have that 360 or PS3 look to it but I promise it’s more fun than either platform can do with golf or tennis for that matter. Even baseball is a blast to play and i’ve never liked any baseball game on any platform.
Remember trying baseball on other platforms only looked forward to batting only every other aspect of the games sucked. But with the Wii even pitching is fun pulling off a curve ball or a fast ball right down the center plate is plain fun.
Here’s the Vid for the one’s who probably won’t bother visiting my channel
Can be found in forums located at.
www.rcdiscuss.com  username: puppeteer666
www.heliguy.com User Name:puppeteer666
Username on youtube; safesinger
The places listed are USA located hobby shops or warehouses. 
I purchase my parts and sometimes helicopter frames from and other RC related items at:
http://skyartec-usa.com/  My opinion the best RTF 250 size helicopters to be had at a low starting price & free shipping on all RTF planes or Helicopters. Tell Max Sal sent you.
http://www.rcplanet.com/ Great prices on Align spare parts I buy all my Align parts here.
http://thebarnfloor.com/ The cheapest place to get a Spektrum Dx6i radio and reciever $169 shipped best price anywhere!
www.raidentech.com They sell anything from RC cars from electric to nitro along with boats,planes,helicopters and any other strange Rc that may be around.
And for super cheap parts & shipping.. $4.95 no matter what you purchase visit:
http://www.hobbypartz.com/  Affiliated with Xheli.
And my local (LHS) by the way LHS= Local Hobby Shop:) Is where I buy my emergency parts when waitin 3 days is just to much! www.bandbhobbies.com
You can always look on Ebay but don’t count on anything of quality or affordable shipping.
I’ve found bids that start at $10 but shipping is $100.00 find it funny who in the world thinks it costs $100 shipping for a RC helicopter that normally costs $15 to ship?
And the worst part is most of these helicopters they want $100 shipping for plus bid only cost $120 shipped new.

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