Merry X-Mas

Since this blog is mostly my RC experiences and build information figured i’d post..Take a guess "More RC stuff:)"
My son wanted a entry level RC-Car or Truck I thought the truck was the cooler choice who don’t like a 4 Wheel drive?
I must say for a stock build it’s quick and fun as hell to use.
It is upgradeable to a better motor and ESC can move to a brushless setup quite easily. At the cost of under $100 this would push it at top speed of approximately 55mph.
Right now as is stock 30-35mph on a straight run way.
It’s cool I want one myself Nitro is the past with Lipo technology the electric cars and other RCs can easily compete in power and run time and in some cases the electric can run longer without a battery change.
Example a Nitro Helicopter gets about 7 minutes flight time a Electric Helicopter with the same power can get flight times up to 15 minutes…Depending on the setup of course.
And Electric has a whole lot less maintenence than a nitro powered RC Car or plank or Helicopter.
Here’s the Pic of his well tuned and fun as hell RC truck it is a blast my son absolutyely loves it!
went shopping after X-mas and was looking around radio shack and guess what I found for $20? A Remote controlled F-15:) Airplane.
I’ve not had the pleasure of flying a plane except on a simulator.
So a $20 crash test dummy is much better than what the cost of a hobby grade plank costs.
It runs on a 27mhz frequency and states it’s for intermediate to advanced pilots..well with a plane i’d fall in the not experienced at all:lol 
Here she is in the box
I post videos on my youtube channel not quite reviews but just test flights of my Rc’s in action go ahead to and check out some vids I have up there now. Will be posting The Truck,Plane a 250 Rc helicopter and the new plastic 450 build soon! Enjoy I sure do.
I blab on my video channel there as well so if I annoy you just skip the reading and watch the vids.
On an off topic non-rc related post we had a great x-mas the kids had a blast the Wii was a big hit!
Made sure to purchase every possible accessory steering wheels for Mario Kart,golf club for Tiger woods maybe get a Tiger Woods penis accessory for the Tiger Woods porno game!,Baseball bat, couple guns for COD-Modern Warfare reflex and Resident EVil and Dead Space and of course House of the Dead gotta have 2 guns for that classic!
Also grabbed a few tennis rackets.
If intersested in affordable accessories go to Biglots you can get them from $3-$9 a piece much more affordable than what Nintendo charges for thier plastic addons.
Happy Holidays and have a safe new year:) 

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