Another Day another bird:)

Flipped around the idea of building another helicopter and was aiming for a 300 size FP.
After changing my mind many,many times  went with another 450 kit.
This kit is a cheapo frame kit plastic no metal for $37 and change.
Also purchased a Head lock Gyro another chepo $19 and change along with 3- 9g servo’s have a digital servo here i’ll use on the tail.
On hand have the 400 BL motor,Radio &RX,30A ESC so should have everything needed to build and fly and about 12-15 hours of build and adjust time.
Total to build this helicopter if was to be purchased from scratch.
Heli-$37 (Plastic Head)
4_Servo’s- $14.48 (Plastic Geared)
25A ESC-$16.95 (programmable)
Exceed 400 brushless motor- $11.10 gotta shop around for that price but i’ve found it.
2.4 ghz radio w/Reciever- $44.90 ( computer programmable)
Head locking Gyro- $19.23 or you could get the super chepo HH.Gyro for -$14.71
11.1v 2200mah Lipo battery 25c- $16.95 30c battery would be better but as a cheap starter CP this will be fine to start:)
Shipping 12.37
Total= $ 172.98
This would be the best starter heli money can buy for that price the RTF packages that cost atleast $70+ and most won’t compare.
Full CP a true hobby grade RC helicopter under $200 can not be beat..and 3d capable:)..COOL!
Here’s one in action same type build on trhe cheap  "This is not me flying"

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