It’s actually been changed again has a better reciever in it and Radio allows programming and there’s 2 antennas hanging off the back now along with some new C &C Aluminum upgrades.
The changes made recently took alot of work and help from members over at rcdiscuss to get the radio programmed properly.
A member named Kloner really stuck it out for the last 3-4 days helping me sort through the nightmare it turned into.
But it was a good change it flys 100% better makes my 1st build seem not so good. 
More to change very soon but I am debating on a new heli first just a trainer though nice to have around an easy to repair and cheap to repair helicopter.
Perfect for practicing.
Right now it’s a toss up the new Honeybee v2 or the new Exceed MadHawk.
Both 4-channel only difference is the MadHawk is shaft driven with the tail motor mounted behind the shaft.
And the Esky Honeybee v2 has the motor mounted in the back next to the tail blades. 
Honeybee V2= $94.70
Exceed MadHawk = $119.95
Test flight #3 of the 450 rebuild it’s only a little over 1 minute.
Gotta do multiple tests before I tear into it don’t want a 2 minute flight then scrap metal so test flights are a must:)

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