New Reciever & Radio

Changed out the old Esky radio which is non-programable for the Exceed 2.4g programmable radio.
Down side took a week of hell to get the settings down.
Up side the servo arms are dead center for the first time ever thanks to the progamable radio.With the Esky radio this was unachiveable due to the fact I could not set each servo arm individually.
What makes this good is the pitch seems much easier to get dead on. Which it is again for the 1st time was close before but not like now plus have a throttle hold this is a nice addition.
So right after half throttle it lifts that’s a good thing anything earlier and throwing into idle up could cause issues and leaving idle up would be worse.
Imagine being in a steady hover or even steady forward flight flip back into normal mode and blam it shots into the sky 2 miles high within seconds ..not fun or good.
Or worse flip from idle up to normal mode and the heli slams to the ground in less than a few seconds again really not fun big costs for repair from that type of mistake.
This is why a proper pitch setup is needed. 
Next upgrade is better skids, better servos and possibly a setup that has a separate ESC and BEC.
And last but not least a Dx6i Radio and reciever or a DX7 would be even better would be great when I move to a nitro Helicopter.

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