Ordered today:)

I’m very happy today I ordered the EXI Pyro 250 RC Helicopter Frame:)
And also ordered 4 new servo’s for it and a new motor for my 450 Helicopter.
Also ordered a few extras for my Belt 250 FP wanted to drop a few bucks into it before I slap it up on Ebay.
Not that it is a bad heli I just got OCD on it and for some reason i kept thinking the Boom was bent so decided to go ahead and try and bend it with my hands and snapped the boom right in half.
Needless to say can’t sell a helicopter with a snapped boom so will replace it prior to selling. 
EXI Pyro 250 in action.
It appears to be able to handle basic 3d manuevers well and it’s size is perfect for backyard flying.

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