Hack that Wii

Some reasons to hack the Nintendo Wii :Are for emulation and loading your games to a USB HDD and launching from it.
The USB HDD hack is the best reason to hack that Wii it rips the games to the harddrive and it only rips the game content leaving a 2-3 gb dump on your hard drive.
The games are on a 4.7 GB disc but actual content is half that after being dumped. Some games are on a 8gb disc but only 1 or 2 that I know of.
And Emulation being able to play Super nintendo,Nintendo 64,Nintendo,Sega master System,MAME,Playstation,Sega Saturn is a good deal.
Using it for Media center reasons i’d just pass on that if you already have a PC or modded Xbox 1 or 360 connected to your TV set. Bottom line the 360 is a great media center and the Wii can not touch it.
The Software Mod is the best bet it leaves the Warranty intact.
If interested check out http://www.wiihacks.com/ this is where I read about how the Wii works.
Lots of really good info at this site the forums are great and provides walkthroughs for hacking any Wii from 3.1-4.2 and now Wii’s with a serial# of LU64+ is now hackable.
Hardware needed to do the hack a PC w/SD card reader or a USB card reader,1GB or 2GB SD card not to exceed 2GB and works only with regular SD cards and that’s it.
Using the Bannerbomb exploit makes it possible to hack without using twilight.
Just read everything if you decide to do while it is quite easy to do you can brick it doing the hack.

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