A few clips I like check em out

The bully should have left when he still looked tough: LOL
This dude gets owned to funny lesson learned for the bully and fast.
One more this dude should have read the safety manual for his new RC helicopter they all think it’s just a toy.
And he was only flying a 400 size he’s lucky he didn’t think he could fly a larger one.
Guessing he either walked into the blades when it was on the ground idle up or crashed it into his leg either way OUCH!
Speaking of 400 size helicopter I ordered the metal head upgrade for my new 400 on the 11th of this month on the fleabay todays the 25th still no delivery:(
And Xheli has the full metal tail upgrade for my 450 and it’s only $14.95 i’m seriously debating on this I already have the metal head upgrade why not make it complete with the tail as well.
I just upped the power on my 450 it’s brutal ripping at 3200 rpm on spool up and holds a solid 3800-4000 rpms in full swing nice!
My 250 was upped to 4200 rpms and it handles pretty heavy winds nicely and its half the size of my bigger ones.
Really want to fly the new 400 can’t wait..but don’t want it striking my body. 
Went ahead and ordered the upgrade:)

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