Got the Used Helicopter yesterday

Wow it was in very,very rough shape.
The frame was absolutely useless the landing skids were broken and part of the head was glued on just like the frame was glued together.
Luckily I still made good paid $89 for it the Motor,ESC,Head holding Gyro alone were worth much more than $89 if these parts were not included in the deal i’d have been returning it and wanting my $$ back.
Decided that the cost to rebuild it was not bad at all.
Need a Ushape connector $5.60,Frame $12.40,Flybar $3.90,Landing skids $4,Servo holder $3.90,Tail fin holder $3.90,Canopy 9.70.
I already purchased the frame and upgraded the head to C&C metal for $9.89 excellent deal.
Luckily he did include extra head parts spare tail boom and belt these parts alone saved me some $$.
A new all platic,canned brused motor Walkera Dragonfly 36 or Exceed G2 costs anywhere from $169-$189.
So for approximately $132.40 I got a very upgraded version of the G2 which is great considering a version of this build costs almost $300 that’s not with a top of the line Align made motor or ESC. And even the upgraded version includes a plastic canopy this one will be fiber glass much better quality.
Hopefully in 2 weeks i’ll have it in the air:) 

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