New Heli added to the fleet

Was on Ebay a few nights ago and found a 400 size Walkera Dragonfly #36 starting at $89.
I went ahead and put in my whopping bid of $90 no one else bid so I won it for the listed $89 + $13.95 shipping.
For a grand total of $102.95 I got a fully upgraded helicopter with Align 420 Brushless motor and 25 A ESC and 2000 Mah Lipo battery+stock motor,Stock Battery and the charger w extra parts.
I’m sure at this price it needs some trimming and possible part or frame replacement.
People are saying this model is discontinued . But I did the homework prior and the Exceed Raptor G2 Helicopter is a identical clone.
The Align 420 motor +ESC+2000 Mah lipo is worth $160 alone. The helicopter only retails for $189 so I got a pretty solid deal on it.
Hopefully will get it some time next week i’ll post  video of it out of the box and Hover test on my youtube channel.
Of course won’t do any air tests until I do the normal flight checks plus more since this is a second hand Helicopter.
It had it’s down side like it uses a Rate Gyro not a Head locking gyro this I found to be the only negative thing about the purchase but at the price I got this at I will buy a HH.gyro from Max at a later date.
Been using a Head lock even on my small 250 Fixed Pitch will feel sloppy using a rate gyro.
Atleast it’s belt driven I just can’t go back to motor driven tails I like tail authority and a ETRM tail don’t have that.
I’ve only flown the Walkera Dragonfly 4#1 (ETRM) which is a fixed pitch bird this is a Collective model and while I know Walkera has improved this last year in quality.
The #36 I purchased looks to be a 06 or 07 model which means this is Walkera’s bad quality years.
Also this model is using mhz technology again this tech was dumped for the more widely used and popular 2.4 ghz radio & Reciever.
Luckily i’m a fan of Exceed RC and thier clone Raptor parts will work on this model so I am sure I will be replacing parts as I go along.
Not only is Exceeds quality better they are much cheaper I can replace the Helicopters Frame with the Exceed Raptor frame which is identical for $14.
ETRM=Electronic tail rotor motor.
Stock Specifications: 
  • Main rotor diameter: Approx. 630mm (Changing to carbon fiber 325mm blades =650mm)
  • Tail rotor diameter: Approx. 145mm  (Changing to Carbon Fiber)
  • Overall length: Approx. 610mm
  • Overall height: Approx. 195mm
  • All-up weight: Approx. 580g (battery included)
  • Driven system: 380SD carbon brush motor  (upgraded to Align 420lf Brushless)
  • Battery: Ni-MH 12V 650mAh (Upgraded to 11.1v 2000Mah Lipo Battery)
  • The changes that were made will most likely remove weight w/electronics and Battery onboard) Hopefully get All-up weight down to the low 500g mark
For $50 this includes shipping I could over haul it’s look and replace the frame and it would look like this: 
This is the Exceed Raptor G2 clone of the Walkera Dragonfly #36

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