My next flyer/project

Moving my Wasp v3 Fixed pitch over to a full Metal & carbon Fiber frame.
This will also turn the Fixed pitch into a Collective pitch helicopter much better flyer than a FP.
Flying a Fixed Pitch these days is not so challenging and very limited in aerobatics.
Not as boring as a coax but boring none the less.
Wanted to move to the Skyartec Ninja 250 but it’s pricey in comparison to the Trex 250 clone.
Skyartec= 140$ and I would have to modify skids onto this helicopter The EXI is a superior frame in comparison and almost a dead match to the Trex 250.
Dropped my extra 450 size Belt-cp Helicopter on Ebay included with servo’s the motor and Electronic speed controller. Already got 8 watchers and a bid so I should do pretty good with that sale.
Plan on using the $$ from that on the new 250 frame.

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