My 450 build is complete!

Took alot of time got my new servos in the mail at 11:30 am.
Finished the build at 9:11 PM had issues with the servo for the pitch. Was reverse meaning if I were to go forward the swash plate would lift and tilt but the swash was dropping giving negative pitch whean it should have been giving positive. Without a programmable Radio I had to rack the brain and move around the servos to get it up and wroking properly.
finally brought it up for it’s maiden hover and the swash plate was way off and the tail was wagging very very badly.
Took it in again readjusted the tail gain and tail rod servo. Along with re-aligning the swash plate.
went out again for hover test #2 Nailed the tail it’s solid stable and can pretty much hover hands free.
Only issue I am finding at this point is on spool up there appears to be some type of binding it has some issue spooling up I did readjust motor placement and checked belt.
The belt tension is dead on and the Pinion was a little to snug I re-adjusted that and will test again tomorrow after a charge up.
Hoping my motor is not defective just got it 2 days ago.
Update: Was told since I have changed motors from my stock Belt that I may have to rebind the RX with the TX I went ahead and did a rebind hoping that the issue was the ESC did not recognise 0% throttle it may have been the reason for the spool up issue.
Really hoping this is the fix i’m in no mood to send the motor out for a RMA. 
Here’s some pics of my snazzy new rig:) YAy!!!!
Check that shiz out a full C&C metal head:)
Attached to the back it’s round black and purple that’s my head holding Gyro that eliminates the tail from moving when flying in wind or seraching from throttle changes.
Very cool and my very first kit build… i’m so proud right now feel like i’ve completed my jedi training.

Nose in-Nose out.

Stylish & Sexy pose.


All I can say is from the 2 minute #2 hover test I did . This thing blows away my old 450 by far it’s quick on response I love that shit.

Love that it’s DTS and none of that link to link swash setup the Belt-cp has.

Not that i’m gonna ditch my Belt-cp gonna rebuild it and have 2- 450’s ready for me to beat on.


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