1st RC helicopter kit build

Have the new Trex 450 v2 clone frame coming this week!
Can not wait this is my first kit build this is a must know for any true RC Helicopter pilot.(kind of like a Jedi knight they are not a jedi until they construct thier own light saber)…in this case a helicopter;)
After getting alot of feed back from the fine people at heliguy & RCdiscuss I was easily persuaded to purchase some Tower Pro SG 90 servos.
These servos I am told have more torque than the stock Esky ones and it appears to be the must have upgrade.
Since I am on a budget purchasing a programmable radio is not in the cards right now so I must use the Esky Belt-cp Ghz radio and RX.
Also taking the HH gyro and motor from the Belt as well to complete this awesome upgrade.
So after getting up the cash it will be much easier to build the Belt back into a working Helicopter it will leave the frame with servos and stock blades fully intact.
Will eventually purchase either the Spektrum dx6i or Futaba FUTK6900 for my Trex and replace the RX’s in all of my helicopters then i’ll be able to use 1 TX on all 3 helicopters.
The cost $199.99 with the rx included then to add the other helicopters to the specktrum setup it would cost an additional $100 this is the reason I must wait for this upgrade.
Once I get on the Spektrum setup upgrading helicopters will be much easier and alot more affordable…until better technology comes along anyhow.
Using the ghz system alone is great I do not miss the analog mhz what so ever…The one down side to flying my 250 it’s still on 72mhz. ..can’t fly this on a field with others.

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