450 frame upgrade

Was going to upgrade my 450’s head which is plastic to a C&C aluminum head.
After shopping around it would turn out to be almost $50 just for the head upgrade.
At Xheli they have a sale going on for the C&C ARF=(Almost Ready to Fly) kit which is the whole body w/Alum head as well in the same price range.
I did this instead made more sense plus I just bought a Fiber glass canopy which is yellow and black the frame I use now is black and green the 2 don’t match very well at all.
So now it will be silver frame w/ Black & Yellow much better match and the frame is DTS=(direct to swash) which the Belt-cp v2 is not another solid upgrade much needed for precise movements in 3d aerobics.
Here’s the bad boy I ordered today hoping to have it by Wednesday at the latest. 
Won’t be using the plastic canopy or blades already have Carbon fiber 315,s & 325’s and Fiber glass canopy.
I’ll be staying away from the plastic stuff.
Only things needed to add after this upgrade is the Carbon fiber paddles and Carbon Fiber Tail blades.
And a nice solid aluminum cusioned inside carrying case.
One for my 250 as well would be really nice if I could get one that could carry my 450 & 250 at the same time. 

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