250 hard landing:( –Alltel HTC Touch

Had a very rough landing last Friday  July 31st.
Causing a broken pitch frame and bent tail boom.
Got the parts on Tuesday august 4th by the time I got the belt on proper and tail servo on correct and fixed the tail wag it was completed today Aug 05.
Here’s the Heli gutted on my work bench:(..AKA living room table.
Rough picture but I think you can see it took some work.
After the fix had issues with head lock and tail wagging luckily I found a habdy manual online not specifically for my HH gyro but this guide refers to any Head locking gyro.
Spoke to Max he directed me to the proper manual for the Wasp v3 FP:)
Decided to upgrade to 6ch CCPM Metal head Max at parkflyer offered me the upgrade w/servo for an excellent price my skills are far enough along to not fly Fixed pitch helicopters any longer.
…..i’m not gonna stop using FP helicopters altogether I will buy the Honeybee V2 it’s a trainer helicopter perfect for warm ups.
Also soon will purchase the Cessna 185 Airplane never have flown one but plan on it soon will post video of my maiden flight.
Also have been playing with the HTC Vogue touch Windows Mobile phone.
It’s a very cool phone but only after hacking:)
xv6900 Alltel/Verizon phone CDMA

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