325s carbon Fiber

Decided to go and order the Align 325 carbon fiber blades people were raving about them.
After having to add 4 spacers total 2 on each side I went out for a test these blades are a bit larger than the stock woodies.
Took notice although a bit more stable it does bog head speed down a bit which I do not think is a good thing for inverted flying.
While I don’t mind stability at my stage of progress it’s not that much of a difference compared to the stock blades.
The blades were superb needed no balancing and was dead even right out of the package that’s a rare thing indeed.
But due to the head speed issue I decided to order the Align 315 pro Carbon fibers (White/Red not so matching w/Green) as well i’ll continue forward for a while to see if these 325’s grow on me:(
Hate spending money on some thing only to find I don’t like it.

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