My Daughter Amber LOL:)

My #2 daughter Amber… she is a trip!
She has wanted to get her belly button pierced for the last year but due to having Evans syndrom she was unable to get the okay from the doctor to get it done.
Evan’s syndrom is a blood disorder that causes her to bleed very easily and bruise easily as well.
Few week ago she went in for her 6 month checkup and her platelet count was in the normal range and the doctor okay’d the piercing.
So today Saturday July18,2009 my wife brought her in for the piercing. Being the dad I am I can’t bear to see my kids get hurt but Jenny took took the pictures. 

This one is classic it made me laugh
I know but wait I couldn’t be there because I can’t see the kids get hurt it’s true I can’t be there but seeing this picture alone put a smile on my face from ear to ear…Classic!
Didn’t think she would go through with it.

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