Ordered my new 450 acrobat heli AKA:3d Helicopter

Finally went for it and ordered a 450 size Helicopter and it will be my 3d practice heli for when I do the final purchase of a Trex Helicopter almost there!
After years of practice I’m ready to start acrobatic training with the real deal have in 3 months of 3d flight with Blade 400 model on flight sim as well.
Moving from `18-20 inch to almost 30 inch helicopter much larger and more powerful. matter o fact last time I was near a 450 the blade knicked my arm and it blew up like a ballon and left a nasty scar but my noob days are over and this mistake will not take place again:)
Here she is yay!
Always wanted to get a boat to try out as well so I found this slick lookin dude that does 30+ mph.
Got it on order as well plus the kids can do this as well better fun for us since we live 2 doors down from a full size lake.
Watched a video of this boat go and was fast for stock had to have it. 
It’s big almost 3ft long and requires 2 -380 motors to power it although I think dual props is the standard not sure on motors though i’m new to the whole rc boat deal.


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