Michael Jackson Dead

Who gives a rats ass! He is a child molester!!! For the love of god people.why all this coverage there should be parades and cheers he died! Not remembrance and the celebrity bullshit ass kissing comments. I don’t give a shit what he has succeeded in his sick life. All I need to know is he hurt children mentally/physically for the rest of thier lives! That sick fuck got off easy I hope he suffered for hours before he croaked! Him and his money paying for silence fuckin….rapist Exactly why religion is shit if I gotta sit next to his ass in the pearly gates becAUSE HE REPENTED i’d rather spend eternity with satan burning that would be more comfortable to me.
Let’s face it if it was any other average Joe schcmuck everone would not even think twice about him as a matter a fact if it was anyone else they would have died in prison from all the child raping Michael did. What a sick society we live in amazing that money can even buy forgetfulness.
He is one sick fuck that Jackson son of a bitch and you can bet there will be a TV special with all the ass kissing politically correct celebrities talking about how he inspired them and what a great man he was."Buncha fakes on stage" God and i’ve delt with many fakes they are everywhere they can’t speak truths only speak what they think others wanna hear. 
The shit bag Jackson loved to tour out of country I wonder why ?? How many foreign children had Micheal in them?? Let’s get a Tv show and have all the children he raped and let them talk about what a great rapist he was and how he got away with it so many times.
He’s dead folks come forward and smear him like he always deseved but you couldn’t because his money and lawyers threats.

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