Making landing gear

Been talking with Max over at Skyartec regarding the Wasp V3 landing gear.
The set that I modified onto my Helicopter are much better looking and more sturdy as well and take no time from flight due to the extra weight which is next to nothing.
So the next few weeks I am coming up with a set that hopefuly will be ready to sell on Max’s sales page please go there for a visit and buy something it’s never to late to start a hobby and although Helicopters are the hardest to pickup and learn it’s very rewarding.
And Max is the only hobby shop I have been to that ships free in the USA and has awesome customer service. Tell him Sal sent you and he’ll hook you up.
Not only do they sell RTF=ready to fly Helicopters they also sell RTF Airplanes as well. and very soon there will be a Ninja 250 ARF=Almost ready to fly with an ARF plane or helicopter it requires a radio,Reciever and sometime Servos,and motor depends on the package so read before you buy google is king and if someone can’t answer a question google can. The nice thing about 200 size helicopters they are great for beginners that backyard flyers due to thier size and also great for advanced flyers due to thier power,stability and the ability to do 3d manuevers.
A few great places for large amounts of information regarding this hobby forums will help you.
These are the ones I frequesnt very often and Skyartec is very involved in thier customer feed back at the rcgroups forum.
And don’t forget wiki:)
The lower end "more affordable missing bells & whistles" versions come with plastic skids. 
Reminder:All versions are the same just as stated cheaper versions lack the bling.
Then there is the better model skids which are better but I feel lack some spring needed for harder landings."There look to solid to me"
Here’s the set I made and modified onto the Wasp I fly daily.
"Yes wish I opted for the upgrade and got the metal head upgrade:( and CP as well I am 3d flight ready without the CP helicopter.
But I will never give up my Fp heli and will wait till I can get a CP.
The version I made allow more shock absorbsion because the skids extend past the frame and allow flexibility due to a harder landing.
This is the stock version before my skid modification.
And the stock upgraded version
While the stock upgraded version skids are more durable than the stock plastics they are solid and do not allow softened impact due to being solid.
I am not knocking Skyartec at all by anymeans the WaspV3 is THE BEST FP Helicopter I have ever flown and I have flown alot of FP helicopters this one kicks ass with any of the skids on it.

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