300 Woodies

Finally after 1 year of sitting on 4 sets of $12 blades a set I sent a complaint to Xtreme productions regarding the quality and balancing of these blades.
I have the 8 degree blades meant for the xtreme 380x motor and 10 degree blades meant for the stock 370 motor.
On top of all those balancing issues I had with the blades out of the package the the 380x motor fried my 4 in1 not cheap. They replaced but I refused to put that motor back in my Heli.
Anyhow after sending the complaint "1 year later" they sent me 5 sets of 10 degree blades and 2 more sets of 8 degree blades and another 380x motor to give a try.
While I still have not put the 8 degree blades on or the 380x motor I have put the 10 degree woodies on and they were perfectly balanced out of the package.
So Later this week I am going to attempt using the 380x motor and the 8 degree blades and see if I get the same quality results I got with the new 10 degree woodies.
Really hoping so because I would love a working 380x motor in the 300 size Falconbee.
The hardest thing to learn when flying
a RC helicopter is the hover after that it’s a breeze….kinda:) 

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