Max @ http://skyartec-usa.com/ sent me the upgrade parts to move over to the 11.1v battery and 18a ESC. Goodbye 3300 rpms and hello to 4200 rpms!
This is the Mini Spark upgraded head.

This is the most fun hobby I have ever had well really it’s the only one i’ve ever had:)

I’ve met some very cool people on the forums and had a few call me  and help out.

Interested in trying to fly http://skyartec-usa.com/ has some very stable helicopters in a great price range.

They start at $96.95 for a basic single rotor heli with a main motor and a ETRM (electronic tail rotor motor) this has all the stuff needed to learn basic hover and flight. Channel remote control set includes complete Forward/Backward,
Left/Right, Up/Down control (RUDDER, AILERON, ELEVATOR, AND THROTTLE) comes with simulator software.

Main Rotor Diameter: 450mm (17.7 inch ) 

           • Tail Rotor Diameter: 140mm (5.5 inch)

           • Main Body Length: 410mm (16.1 inch)

           • Weight: 220g (7.8 oz)

           • Battery: 7.4V Li-Po 900mAh

           • Servo: 2x 9g

           • Drive System: 370 Carbon Brush Motor(Main), N30(Tail)

           • Control system: 4CH Multifunctional FM Transmitter and 3-in-1 Receiver

           • Radio Control Range: 2500 feet (762m)

           • Average Flight Time: 15 minutes

This is one cool Helicopter for under a $100 and it ships free. 




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