Inverted flight & Upgrade, Pool pumps and cigarettes

Things always dump when we need them example the pool pump no issues at all until summer comes around then the pump goes bad.
went to Mr.Pool to get pump repaired of course it’s to shot for that which means new pump..we buy the new pump nice we had a 1.0hp now we have a 1.5 hp get it here and what to you know the intake from the pump to the filter housing are not a match. Drive all the way back with pump and the connector they did fix but sadly the filter housing we have is old and was manufactured for only 1 year and no more the new filter housing would cost another $400 then nother $80 per filter to replace.
We had them add the new pump that was dated to fit our filter housing…it works.
Cigs enough said F thier sin taxes so i quit . Can buy better things than cigarettes anyhow like a T-rex or Gaui 200 SD:).
I know people make fun and wonder why I fly RC’s but bottom line is I don’t care what others think never have and never will.
Not 1 person I know can fly one and if they even tried they would fail with a capital F. Matter o fact they would fail doing a basic hover no less forward flight,nose in,side in,Fast forward flight..etc..etc .
I’ve Been at it using Aerofly Pro Deluxe to practice Inverted flight using a collective pitch Rc Helicopter.
The Video I made was me using Aerofly and FRAPS to record it and was my 2nd day of practice.
I suck at inverted flight no doubt I have a long way to go and have a old HB CP2 debating right now getting another helicopter but of better quality maybe another Wasp or Walkera 1#B 1#A would be better the Wasp V3 are stable belt driven 250 size helicopters but I am not spending lots of $$ on a Helicopter I will trash flying 3d hoping Max can help me out in that area.
Upgraded my Wasp V3 FP with an 11.1v lipo battery and a new 18a ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)
Right now the setup is a 7.4v Lipo and a 12a ESC.
The difference is quite a bit the stock 7.4v with a 14t pinion cranks the head speed@3300RPMs
Upgrading to the 11.1v lipo and a 12t pinion cranks the head speed@4200RPMs
Using a 14t Pinion on a 11.1V lipo would give great speed on the head but ultimately kill the battery very quickly and possibly cause Tail wag issues.
The specs Skyartec sent are as follows:
7.4V=   7.4V X 4500KV X 0.85  /   120T/14T~16T  = 3300 RPM~3774 RPM
11.1V= 11.1V X 4500KV X 0.85 / 120T/10T~12T   = 3500 RPM ~ 4200 RPM
Max @ sent me the

WH4-060 which is the main gear, pulley, one way bearing assembly
main shaft and a 12 tooth pinion
with no charge not many places will take care of a customer like Max at skyartec.
Skyartec helicopters are great for the price point and are very stable which is great for 3d flying or Fixed flying which ever floats a hobbists boat.
The helicopters are free shipped in the USA delivered quickly and for the price you get a metal frame,Belt drive,Brushless motor RC Helicopter something not many RTF suppliers can put claim on especally in the fixed pitch range of helicopters.
Esky,Walkera all have FP helicopters and they are great to fly but are not even close to the stability the Wasp v3 has proven.
Helicopters RTF=Ready to Fly
Airplanes RTF only one plane the Cessna is listed here I can not comment on the flight of this plane."Never flown it" Maybe 1 day I will fly a RC Plane I have on a simulator and is quite easy compared to a helicopter the only part that is rough on a airplane is the landing.
Here’s a vid of someone flying the Cessna 182 RC Airplane


Ready to Fly does not mean they don’t crash 🙂 They just have everything needed to get them in the air.


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