The Mini Spark is HERE!

Took the mini spark out of the box I watched the videos and read reviews but I was not really prepared for how small it really is.
I can fly a FP helicopter 250 and up no issue but this little helicopter makes me feel like I don’t have any skill:(
Probably took me a few batteries to get used to it and realised it will do auto piros in mid flight this is not good.
Notified Andy at Xheli thinking the tail motor is bad but in all oddness it stopped acting up out of the blue???
Uncut Video of me test flying the Mini Spark I only fly for 1:40 my Eyetoy on Laptop locked up.
Notice my first piro attempt using this little thing was a failure 2nd time took:)
Here’s some pictures next to my Wasp v3 Belt -250FP.
200 size helicopters are pretty small that’s why I put them next to each other.
The battery shown is not much bigger than a quarter and has flight times of 10 minutes.
Although 8 minutes is probably the smart thing to do under charging a lipo is bad.
Behind the Wasp is my modified mixed Honeybee,Falcon 40& Dragonfly 4-1 named it the Falconbee 4-1 -300FP
Anyone new to flying I would stay far away from this little one. Although parts are dirt cheap and it can take a lickin and keep on tickin and if you can fly this then you can fly em all.

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