And the hobby continues

When I first started this hobby I could barely hold a hover now my skills are great no problem flying a single bladed Fixed Pitch.
spotted a Walkera Dragonfly 1#B CCPM Helicopter:) $89 great for a starter aerobatics RC especially since I learned how to fly by myself no instructor like many do.
And figure that since I will be learning inverts and rolls with the Helicopter and a simulator I’m better off trashing a $89 helicopter before I trash a $200 and up helicopter and trash it… I will.
Piros and stalls and FFF have lost thier really fun factor and has left me feeling I need to do more!
Ofcourse I need a full time job very soon to support the family and this hobby ain’t cheap.
Check out this fully functional single bladed rotor RC helicopter it’s truly a mini!
This little guy is  the length of a dollar and weighs less than a 9v battery.
And let me tell you it’s a quick little shit.  In the video 3:28 is where he really flys it you can see it is quick for it’s size.
Not to be mistaken this little helicopter is as hard to fly or harder than a regular fixed pitch don’t let the size fool you. The response on this little fucker is quick. (NOT A BEGINNER RC).
Here’s the Walkera 1#B Helicopter doing the aerobatics i will be learning on it:)
Yes, it will happen I will be doing this shit at some point. People told me that to learn to fly a single bladed helicopter needs to be done with an instructor guess they were wrong.
All I need is my will,a Helicopter to practice with and a simulator.

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