Daughters sweet 16 “Things to get together”

Was shopping around for some party stuff yesterday and today for Jessica’s 16th Birthday.
My neighbors and I help each other out so one of them gave me outside speakers with wall mounts.
So I decided to hang them outside by the pool.
Went to RadioShack to get a A-B speaker switch box since my Home theatre system has all of the mounts full of speakers.They wanted an outrageous $50.00 for a 4 way speaker switch box!
Nope not spending $50 for a switch box that’s just insane.
So I have an old 800mhz laptop I figured I would trade up in a pawn shop for a 2 channel stereo receiver well that did not work I decided against that.
On the way down the road I see a GoodWill and say lets just stop there see if they have an old Receiver we can buy sure as shit enough on the shelf is a 100watt surround Sound Pioneer receiver for a price that was absolutely nuts $4.03 yep not a typo people must have walked by it thinking that at $4 it must not work. 
Bring her home and sure enough the think works awesomely no issues at all.
Now my pool side stereo setup is complete!!!!! I can now swim and fly my RC’s with some kick ass music blasting while I slam beers and scream at the top of my lungs to talk to people near me:) ISFH!!!!!!
Speakers & Mounts= $0
100 ft Speaker wire =$6.29
Pioneer 200W SS Receiver= $4.03
Wire wall brackets=$2.35
My time/labor=Priceless
Total – my labor= $12.67
How cool I am= To cool for the average mind to comprehend
And…………the $4.00… 200 Watt Surround Sound Receiver on top you will notice my super fly Creative 30gb Xvid/MP3 Player another one of my to cool for you gadgets.
Went to Kmart and Sears when you apply for a credit card at K-mart and get approved you get $10 off first purchase so I got some things I needed like tooth paste and some other needed item’s that came to $9 and change after doing the CC I got for free:)
Then went to Sears had the wife get a Sears card same as K-Mart they give $15 free if approved for a CC ended up getting Guitar Hero Aerosmith for $4 and change:) 
Don’t need the Credit and will probably never use it again but for a free $25 why not can pay the $5 I owe them and rip em up.
The Visa Credit Cards are for both Sears and K-Mart using Citi Bank or HSBC Bank.

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