RC’s Of all sorts

Since the wife’s been sick on my free time I been flying my RC’s again.
I have my heavily mixed/modified Esky Honeybee/Walkera Dragonfly 4-1/Exceed Falcon 40 with some Blade motors up and running.
Use Blade tail motors for the power,Exceed main motor for stability, Any blades on sale prefer plastic for this model. Servos are Esky, Canopy is Walkera, Head and main shaft I use Exceed. Tail blade any I can get for $2 or less:)
Anyhow have been practicing coming in hot AKA Fast and dragging tail to a complete hault and land.
Needless to say I have had some booboos:( Cracked the Head and Head holder after replacing it’s like flying a new Heli it’s smooth as hell with no more shake of death in a hover no less in FFF. FFF= Fast Forward Flight.
So I ordered a Wasp V3 it’s a 250 size belt driven with Brushless motor much faster than the current one I use . I ordered it last month was on back order just got confirmation it was shipped today:) 05/06/09 YAY! More head speed means better wind handling.
The new one I am awaiting on will handle better with the tail since I am going belt with a HH Gyro. HH=Head hold or Head lock.
Still a fun hobby although the hardest one to master as far as RC goes and costs quite a bit getting just the basics like hovering down pat. But once you get it down and learn it’s a great feeling not many can fly single rotor RC helicopters. I picked up a Plane it was so easy to fly it was a joke only landing a plane is funny.
RC cars enough said why bother I can drive a real one.
Although I was considering getting my son and I a Racing RC boat they look like a blast and fast as hell too!
at Bannana Hobby they have a 1:20 Huge 29" Apparition Offshore  RC Boat stock top speed 31 mph that’s brushed!
And starts at $49.90.. $67 shipped RTR. Ready to Run all equipment is included.
We live by a fresh water lake it would be fun for the family to do something like this because flying helicopters is very hard to pickup and do as a family.
And my new 250 Wasp V3 Belt Drive R/C Helicopter
I would love to get either a Exceed-RC Mini Spark 4 or Walkera Mini 2.4 GHZ 4#3A  these are single rotor palm Helicopters.
Would like to trade my Honeybee FP heavily modified w/ Carbon fiber frame and Xtreme 380 brushed motor and 2 canopys and Xtreme 8 degree and 10 degee wood blades plus many more spare parts for either of the 2 Helis I listed.
Anyone interested please reply.

New Games/Addons
Ratings are from Gamestop for Windows/PC versions.
Left 4 Dead has new Free Downloadable content survival mode on Steam or for the Xbox360 people DLC.  Score:8.5
Velvet Assassin Score: 7.5
X-Men Origins: Wolverine Score: 7.0
Chronicles Of Riddick Assault on Dark Athena w/Escape from Butcher Bay using the new Athena engine it looks much better than the 2004 version. Score: 7.0
The Last Remnant RPG Using Unreal3 engine Score: 8.0
Cryostasis: The Sleep Of Reason Score: 8.0 

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