Geforce 260 only way to keep it cool

After changing fans on my case and all different setups the only way to keep the card cool is to have the side off with a fan blowing directly on it.
So after many changes and me delaying the inevitable I bought a new case:( Not what I really wanted to do.
Here it is and hoping this will fix my issue atleast this is the last ditch effort unless I go to water cooling and I will not.
The Windtunnel my last hope.
I wanna see 23c instead of my steady 85c in case that I get now with the side on.
Plus my old green case is not that big this surely causes airflow issues.
Now that i’ll have a free case I can setup a UT3 server:)
I started to dig through my PC parts to get a PC ready for my extra case it was a toss up between a P4 1.8ghz and a AMD AthlonXP 2500+ when I ran across an old AMD socket 754 mainboard.
Low and behold I found a AMD 64 skt 754 3000+ cpu:) Also found a Geforce 6600 GT AGP.
Was unable to do a proper test of the hardware but I am guessing it may work I normally only save stuff that is working or fixable.
I am short a HSF for this and a decent PSU as well but I think this will be the one I build for a UT3 server.

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