Still struggling keeping Geforce 260 Superclocked edition cool:(

Been working on a solution to keep the video card cool.
after many changes and different fans I have come up with a possible solution 1- 80mm fan at the top to pull hot air.
2- 80mm in front to push in air 1- 80mm fan on the side to push in air.
1-120mm on back to pull hot air and 1- slot cooler under the video card again to pull more hot air. And also using EVGA precision to carnk card fan to 75% at all times.
Seems to sit between 43-46c idle and hits 65c under heavy use.
Was sitting at 55-60c idle and 100c under heavy use.
I have been reading and it appears that where I sit right now is the norm for these video cards.
Hoping that these temps I sit at right now are also in the same range mid day as well only tomorrow will tell for sure.

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