Little Sal’s 8th Bitrthday!

On Feburary 16th 2001 my son was born!:)
Yesterday he had a few friends over he wanted to play a multiplayer game so I setup Unrealtournament 3 and we all played.
Today I let him stay home from school so we could do our Lego build together.
Every B-day and X-mas for the last 3-4 years he wants a Lego set that we can build together it is fun.
This year he wanted a Bionicle Lego set and man this one is tough!! I’ve built Starwars ships, cars but this Bionicle takes the cake we started building at 10am it’s 11:30 am and so far have only went through 2 bags of 5.
Every time he picks a new one it gets harder and harder.
I do love doing this stuff though before I know it he’ll be married with his own family helping his children build Lego sets. 

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