LCD Monitor repair

On Friday I got the transistors in the mail to repair my daughters Dell 17″ LCD monitor.
Awoke Sunday with a slight hang over and went to work to repair her monitor after 15 minutes work desoldering the old transistors and soldering on the newly mailed ones.
There is a total of 4 transistors they blow out in 2’s but I just did all 4 made better sense to me. Each transistors has 3 legs yep you put in the resistors backward and you will surely have issues.
It works like a charm just like new!
$8 for shipping and parts is a whole lot better than Dell’s out of warranty repair price of $190+ dollars that was not including me shipping to them.
I also have a Acer 15″ that is behaving the same way I will attempt to repair that as well better than the going prices for 15″ monitors today.
Here’s a pic of the transistior from the Acer 15″ Identical in all areas of the Dell Monitor
It’s blurry I used my phone camera to take the pic. My camera battery is dead.

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