I know what it was all about.

I got shit from them because of my departure at PSCU. People there must be talking shit to Jason about how I take everything personal.
Here’s the bottom line I wanted out I asked about putting in 2 weeks notice on probation and was told that it made no difference I would get a bad reference.
So I slept on it for a few days and decided I may as well just get fired it made no difference except I would atleast get some pay from unemployment and atleast make my bad reference worth some $$$. And that is the truth.
Reason I was on probation is because I walked out of my shift it was then that I was pretty much done with PSCU.
That is why I talked shit and pretty much begged for it.
Plus they already were planning to be rid of me anyhow so it was inevitable I just got it done faster.
I was a manager FOR 3 different stores back in the 90’S – 02. I know the drill when it’s time to get rid of someone you knit pick them hoping for a quit to avoid doing a fire plus they played the one supervisors says one thing the other says something totally different so they could get me in a bind so they could say I refuse to do what I was told.  They liked to play I don’t see an email game so it never happened nobody there could stay to thier word. Wasn’t that I did not want to work I just had enough there.
It was a dead end job for me I was getting nowhere and had absolutlely no chance of moving forward and although I am not working now atleast I am happy.
I was burnt out !

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