How it works

So I spend money to upgrade my daughters PC’s I figured they are getting older and may not be here in a few years.
thought it would be cool to atleast get them in 64bit Pc’s with upgradebility.
How it works after I do the upgrades my oldest daughter Jessica’s LCD monitor blows out.
Back in either late 04 or 05 I went in on a deal from my old job we all bought 17" Dell LCDmonitors in bulk was a good deal back then.
It appears that many Dell monitors have this issue there are capacitors that go on the Benq board of these LCD monitors Dell E172FPB .
Here is a pic of the capacitors with issue. 
 The price for these capacitors are .99 each so spent $10 and bought 8 of them added shipping since Amber has the same LCD monitor.
Caps circled in Green are the problem children.
Now you know if you see someone trash a Dell monitor because there is no picture and the power button flashes or picture flashes it’s a $4 fix. 

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