Round 2 with new PC build

Thought I had it stable I did for the most part but the damn Ram in order to run at 1066
 I had to up the voltage to 2.2v Intead of the 1.90v I originally set.  If not at 2.20v it will randomly lockup.
What’s messed up is some mainboards do not even support anything above 2.0v
Moving to the Phenom II has not been as simple as I would have liked.
Also had issues with the EVGA Geforce 260 Superclocked Vcard clocked at 626 MHZ had to clock down to 601 to get stable as well.
I was temp monitoring the Vcard while playing Crysis Warhead figured that game will push any card to it’s max potential and the card hit 90c! OUCH! RMA time
For those who do not know that is 194F.
That Temp was only 5 minutes into playing Crysis Warhead.
Unreal 3 Engine tested with Mirrors Edge and Gears Of War they both heated the card to 80c.
GTA4 another hog heats the card to 85-88c should note that GTA 4 seems very CPU dependant and think that is why the temp does not break 90c.
Left 4 Dead only heats the card to 75c not to bad for a video card I believe that this temp is acceptable for a GPU at max load.
And at idle it sits between 44 and 45c this is still high over 100f idle?%$&#WTF.
My processor (CPU) only gets to 40c when being pushed.

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