PC built

Built the new PC but in order to play any game what so ever requires me to take the panel off and run a fan straight on it.
Also after installing the the CPU it booted just fine but then it would freeze so had to update Bios out of the box.
Better than others I heard they had to buy a x2 CPU to update first because the Phenom II was not supported at all on some mainboards.
Otherwise it runs pretty good now.
Last time I purchased a Biostar Mainboard it was when AMD finally broke the 1GHZ barrier socket A. The capacitors went bad so I stayed away from these boards for years.
Went back again for price performance reasons plus had a built on Geforce 8200 and with that I was able to ditch my powered PhysX card for the onboard 8200 plus I could use 256megs instead of the old PhysX card that was only 128mb and required power.   
About time a onboard graphics card is worth something I think this will be a growing trend on mainboards.
Plus it is great for people that do not have high end cards they can use Hybrid SLI and has a good improvement for gaming.
With the onboard Vcard there is options in bios to setup to only use your 8200 for desktop then when in game uses your PCI-E card and then if the game supports PhysX it then is a PhysX card.
Pretty good bang for the buck $98 shipped.
I stayed away from Intel’s Core i7 for one expensive and 2 in 64bit although faster than any Amd Cpu it just was not worth the $$$.
In 64bit AMD Phenom IIs score well against the i7 in 32bit the i7 just stomps the shit out of the AMD cpus. Phenom II were not meant to compete with i7 in the first place.
Here’s a Pic of my ghetto fabulous PC to keep it cool.

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