Working on the Crosman 1966 760 pump master

Got this gun from my old neighbor was in non-working condition so I took apart to repair with out any replacement parts and I did so successfully!
Was rusted on the barrel but compared to the new BBguns made today it weighs quite a bit more better made with wood and steel unlike the ones of today plastic.
It has little power but will go through a soda can without issue I will replace the air seals if I can find the parts and try and get some of that old power back.
 Have started cleaning the rust off the barrel and is looking much better.
My 1966 Crosman 760 Pump Master after me starting to clean it up and got it firing again:
I wanted to add my Air Soft Guns as well my Black handgun Soft only does 100 FPS but my clear handgun does 250 FPS and is fun and very safe target shooting for inside without causing any damage to anyone or thing.
The black and yellow square target has a net to catch the plastic pellets and the round one is a lot nicer it catches the plastic bbs and then they slowly roll into a chamber for re-use. Unlike BB gun ammo being re-used in the gun that causes damage to the barrel which then throws off accuracy. 
For fun I calculated the Feet per second (FPS) into miles per hour (MPH) on all of my BBguns and Airsoft guns.
These figures change depending on ammo used. Gamo ammo is known for it’s performance my gun using Gamo ammo does 1250 FPS in MPH thats 852.2 MPH..
At $5 for 100 rounds that is a little expensive for target practice. when for $10 you can buy 1000 bbs daisy ammo. Mostly I just use the flat target pellets that are cheap but shoddy performance.
2 on the left are Crossman pellets flat pellet is for target shooting. Pointed is for hunting
2 on the right are Gamo Ammo both are hunting pellets the far rights is gold plated 18k pellet that increases the power of any pellet gun.
Using the gold plated Gamo Ammo Increase is as follows
The numbers listed are FPS (Feet Per Second)
600 – up to 750 fps
750 – up to 937 fps
850 – up to 1,062 fps
1,000 – up to 1,250 fps
1,250 – up to 1,562 fps
The other Gamo Ammo does increase FPS as well but I am unsure of the #’s I know that it blows through 5 layer plywood and the wood fence behind it and still hits the house across the street.
I won’t use the plated atleast not in my neighborhood.
BB & Pellet Guns
Crosman 66 is rated at 700 FPS which equals into 477.2 MPH.
Storm XT Max rate 1100 FPS which equals into 750 MPH.
Crosman 1966 760 PowerMaster I am unsure of it power due to age and needs new seals Iknow it can go through 2 cans in a row.
AirSoft handguns
P228 is rated at 190 FPS which equals into 129.5 MPH.
AirStrike 240 is rated at 240 FPS which equals into 163.6 MPH
While I do love my new Storm XT it is unsafe to shoot in my back yard which is fenced with a wood fence.
I use a 5 layer plywood in front of my wooden fence with a target on it and the gun shoots clean through all of them and continues until it hits the house across the street luckily no one was hurt and nothing was broken.
It is nice to have around the house instead of a real fire arm because if I used this on anyone I am sure a head shot would take them down. And a young child would not be strong enough to charge the gun to fire it. It’s just crazy after I shoot it the barrel smokes! And has a kick that is unreal when I fire it I would never guess this was a pellet gun when I shoot it. except for the sound it is close to as loud a as firing a .22.

3 thoughts on “Working on the Crosman 1966 760 pump master

  1. I have a 1966 Crosman Powermaster 760 that I bought new in 1966. It still looks and works like new. Those were the good old days. It’s funny I have helicopters of that size also.

    With regards to your Storm XT, I read this review on
    10 of 12 people found the following review helpful:
    Buyer Beware, November 17, 2008
    By Harold H. EdieThis review is from: Crosman Storm XT Scoped Air Rifle air rifle (Misc.)
    Having been a satisfied user of Crosman products for many years, I need to say that Crosman bombed on this one. Before purchasing this air rifle, I reviewed many internet sites and felt that this rifle would fit my needs. The first rifle I looked at had an obvious downward bent barrel and I rejected it for purchase. The next rifle I looked at seemed to be fine and I took it home. Yes, I saw that it was made in China, however it carried the Crosman brand, a name that stood for quality. Besides, many products in use today do come from China and are working flawlessly. After about 2 weeks and shooting just over 200 pellets, this air rifle developed a serious and extreemly dangerous malfuntion. It fired the pellet just after loading and returning the barrel to the firing position without depressing the trigger. Insuring that the barrel was pointed in a safe position, this condition was continually repeated. The pellet rifle was reboxed and returned to the store it was purchased from. I would highly suggest any potential buyer for the Crosman Storm XT to look at another product. The Crosman Quest also appears to be the same air rifle. The following day, the store removed all Crosman Storm XT air rifles from the shelves. I hope that this message will prevent a serious injury or worse for any unsuspecting buyer.


  2. Airsoft has been gaining a lot of attention these days. Deemed as a competitive sport, the competitors used BB guns in replacement of real guns since the point of the game is to conquer the other team not wipe them off the face of the earth. `

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