purchased my new Air pellet gun:)! sweet

Finished this last job I did and that was it I was able to put the final amount of $$ needed to get the gun:) 
I took a pic of my different guns the top is a Power Master aka Pump Master 760 donated to me from my neighbor Ed.
The top gun in the pic from what I have dated it for 1966-1977 it’s a Power Master 760 it will not fire.
Yes I purchased the 760 PumpMaster and was unhappy with it’s power but this gun is not plastic like todays Pump Master 760.
The second one is my sons 66 Power Master scoped
The 3rd one is the one I have saved for and purchased today its a Storm XT.
And is one hell of a air gun it is sick and is the first Bgun that has kick when I fire it.
Did a test fire on a 3 quarter thick layered plywood and at 25+ feet it blew a hole straight through it.
I know in gun terms big deal. But something about an airgun that just intrigues me.


The top 760 Pump Master has got my attention it is heavy and quality made back then today it’s all plastic unless you buy a good air gun.

My goal is to repair the old Pump Master 760.

Update 01/30/09:  I did get it to fire after pulling it apart but needs new seals. Hopefully finding seals for a 1966 airgun will be possible.

Update 02/02/09: Have been steadily getting the rust off of the barrel. Sanded down the Stock and hand pump and re-stained.

Took apart again and oiled the seals and sanded and painted the plates that were rusted as well. It now shoots very well.


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