Windows live Mesh

Have been syncing up all my PC’s using Live Mesh it is a handy web based application that allows 5gb of online storage plus the ability to add devices to it so you can access them anywhere using Live Mesh.
Remote desktop is working I have tested it atleast on my network it seems pretty solid.
Using remote desktop is nice but does lack options it’s the ease of use that leaves me thinking it’s quite solid.
The key here is it is free just sign up for MSN live and you have it.
Plus the ability to add handheld devices is up and running at this time some handhelds are having issues with browser not mesh M$ is working on this issue for all handhelds.
Surely all M$ os handheld devices are working.
I use a Blackberry and is one of the handhelds that is having browser issues even Opera is so I am awaiting the fix from M$.
Using Opera on my BB I am able to view my mesh objects but unfortunately the downloading of apps and such is not working yet again this is on the browser side where the issue lies M$ is working on a work around to fix this.
This is a copy from connect.microsofts blog regarding Mac fix.

To all Live Mesh customers who have experienced crashes with the 0.9.3712.831 version of the Live Mesh for Mac software: A new version of the software that resolves this issue is now available.

Please update or reinstall Live Mesh for Mac to receive the new version. If you continue to encounter problems, please let us know.

Thank you,

The Live Mesh Team.

Note: Vista users be sure to turn off UAC before attempting to install Mesh app on your PC.
If you do not it will fail on install after installation is complete feel free to turn UAC on if you want. 
Here are some links:

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