Desktop & laptop ATI Mobility Driver FIX a must have

My desktop PC HDD went bam! ended up having to reinstall on a new HardDrive bummer:(
So pulled out ye ole trusty Dell Laptop to play Left 4 Dead unfortunately the way ATI mobility drivers work they are only updateable by Dell themselves unfortunately thier last update was when the laptop was released in 2005! Fast forward 2009 the 05 drivers are usless.
It’s not AMD/ATI’s fault by no means it’s Dells and other manufacturers that do not allow AMD to make drivers for thier laptops some have allowed it and AMD/ATI are trying to get other manufacturers onboard.
Alienware users are in luck though they are with ATI and allow them to make drivers for them.
Fortunately there is a fix for us users that have ATI cards in laptops that are not on the ok list with ATI/AMD.
Follow the instructions and you will be able to install the latest driver releases.
It worked wonders for my lappy before this I could launch L4D but would lockup at beginning after the helicopter passes over on the 1st campaign.
Now after update I can run L4D at 1680×1050 at medium settings and runs damn smooth to!
Note: do not worry if you screw up the driver mod it will not botch your OS it will just not install the driver.
But seriously you should not even mess that up it is a simple mod that uses a tool that is on the page that I have linked to.

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