Evolution & Religion

From Apes we come I seriously doubt that if it were true there would be no Apes left on earth.
And a heavenly god unseen unheard creates earth and everything on it in 6 days ..I call it out right now BULL SHIT!
A unseen evil force that is called Satan pulls good men to get laid and kill people again BULL SHIT!
I don’t have the answer to it but am happy to say that I will not spew out some crap to make it all seem as if there is an answer to everything.
We are not apes that have gotten smarter and a whole lot better looking we are just animals that can speak. After years of education and the rise of civilization we are some what like a dog just house trained by many generations to tell us what is right and what is wrong.
But still people do wrong and do right in the eyes of society.
Take away canned food ,supermarkets,homes with A/C pop us in an environment where we have to fend for ourselves we will kill each other not because it was taught but because like any other animal we have instinct.
Government is a great example of instinct they war for what the other has and they need. One big tribe.
If I were to worship anyone it would be myself. After all I have made my life what it is not god ,satan or anyone else my children,relationships are of my making not any cosmic force that says here you are granted children and here you can have relationships. 
Blind faith is strange and almost down right for the sick & mentally retarded.

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