Ohh What Fun!

Yesterday I logged onto my PC like any other day except I noticed that my Steam app did not launch and normally it is set to auto login.
So I pop in my pass which I have been using for the last month and it no longer works! Yikes! So I sent off for password retreival and only comes back with I did not answer secret question right.
I have had Steam since beta and never had any issues until yesterday. Anyhow I send off a ticket to Steam which never gets responded to even after 24hrs unreal what terrible customer service.
Now I go to the forums and again my password there is botched as well I again send for a password retreival and 5 minutes later i get a new one. Post and get a reply that I probably have been hijacked.WTF! so I scanned my PC looking for any type of trojan or key logger nothing at all PC is clean as a whistle.
So I go to the account hijacking procedure knowing it has not been hijacked  follow the 200 step process "Sarcasm" and waited…. 24hrs later still no reply.
This morning I try again to answer my secret question thinking very hard what I could have put there almost 5 years ago. And bam It resets my password.
Moral of the story is if you have Steam with many games and it gets botched up and you loose access to it you are screwed thier customer service is terrible.
They have VAC which bans cheaters and they state that if this happens when someone hijacks your account they can not un-ban you. I laugh seriously this crap would be non issue if they responded to the complaints within a reasonable time…Not 2-4 working days!!! this was stated by Steam about thier response time 2-4 working days!!! Not hours fucking days.
I have been playing with my Blackberry Pearl what a cool phone:) Added Opera Mini browser,Text reader,Word reader,Even Pac-Man that uses the phones track ball.
Also had to update Java in order for some pages to work properly,Still no Flash support but word is out that RIM is in development of FLASH support that will be great when it happens.
These are all free apps:
BBNotePad1.1.0Beta  http://www.coolove.pcriot.com/
Free apps GPS,Weather..etc..etc http://www.squidoo.com/blackberryapps

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