Cleaned Desk

Cleaned my desk up some. Removed all the extra computers from under my desk most of them are PC’s I have worked on for people that they have abandoned because they needed mainboards or CPU’s and they did not want to pay for them to be fixed. Which is good because I gut them for parts and bad because I end up with so many towers.
My neigbor upgraded to a newer desk and gave me his old one so I used it in my garage and setup in there so when I work on computers they can stay out there instead of piled in my bedroom.
So this is what it looks like 🙂  messy out there but better than in my bedroom.
Built a pc from spares to use in garage for when I work on computers it’s a fine old box P3 1ghz, 1gig PC 133 sdram,XPPro,40 gig SCSI Raid 0. Not to bad for a few left overs! 

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