Finished some X-mas shopping today:)
My son wanted Gears of War 2 for xmas I thought cool what do ya know I come home today after shopping and the 360 started the RRoD!!!
This is my luck only can crap like this happen to me on a normal basis if there is a fucking with no lube coming it is always me that gets picked.
I can live with it really but just really crappy for my son.
Some is good though my wife got me a Blackberry for X-mas that is Awesome! My Jenny! she is to good to me:) She let me get it early but she got me something else won’t let me open until xmas morning.
She upped my phone package so I can have unlimited Inet and texting.
Our solution to the 360 is to rent one until the unit is repaired and returned from M$.
Gotta wait for them to send the box with shipping before I return it so looks like atleast a month until it’s repaired. 

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